Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tales of a Florist Delivery Driver

I'm a recruiter by occupation.  And a good one at that.

Truth be told, it BORES me to death.  BORED out of my mine bored.  There is no challenge.  It's a good job - and it's flexible.  And I'm very very lucky. Obviously, VERY flexible.  Just what I need in my life.  And I make decent money. Yes, it's scary at times not knowing if the paycheck is coming. Or WHEN it's coming.  Other than THAT - (Mrs. Lincoln, how was the theater??)

So to keep me from my boredness, yes I know you are asking "When could she possibly have time to be bored?".  I'm not bored - that I don't have anything to do - I'm bored that I'm not challenged.  My life is pretty much under control - which I like - don't get me wrong.  Sometimes I do different things.

As an entrepreneur, I know lots of other business owners. They let me work for them on occasion.  Mother's Day is this weekend and a friend of mine owns a florist.  They are super busy and needed an extra delivery driver.  PERFECT.  I'm your gal.  I don't have to be in charge, I don't have to think - I get to show up, put flowers in my car and go make people smile.

STOP #1:

I couldn't have written this one so well.  Double gated house.  I'm buzzed in at the gate.  Finally get back to the house.  Hot college guy opens door with towel on.  Seriously.  No shirt.  No shoes.  Just a towel.  Why the heck was he buzzing people in the drive???  Seriously.  My you are hot.

And I smiled.  No - sorry fans, not a Desperate Housewives moment - I look like his mom, and well, he looks like he could be friends with my oldest son.  But for a moment - I was the one with the smile....


John and Anna Sie.  Google that name.  They also lived in a gated community.  On this property though there are a few houses.  I was buzzed in and told to drive to the main house. Okay?  Would I know the main house from the others?  Yes.  Most definitely.  The house manager signed for these flowers.  These were special - not there normal $2000 or more per month worth of flowers.  And the cascading waterfall was gorgeous.

STOP # 4 or 5

Sweet old lady on oxygen.  Whom told me:  I needed to learn the different flowers and filler.  Even after I explained I was just a "sub".  I was making people happy (yes, flowers do brighten a day) and that I was very pretty. Thank you. 

This flower delivery thing isn't so bad.

The rest of the stops were uneventful, but everyone smiled.  The next day - I had 11 deliveries.


EVERYONE - okay, not everyone, but the first four deliveries all had dogs.  Numerous dogs.  They all wanted to say hi.

Couple of cute door guys in buildings.  I think my next house is going to have a door guy.  I like that idea.

A couple of things I learned:

I already know:  I hate running errands.  Stop, Start, Stop, Start.  Long term I wouldn't be good at this.

I earned a couple hundred dollars, a tank of gas and made people happy for a day.  Isn't that kind of what I do with recruiting?  Only, it's not so hard, I can make people happy and I earn a lot more money.  It taught me something - I'll be happy to be back at my desk tomorrow morning..


  1. You make me smile every time I read your blog!

    1. I figured out how to respond! Glad I can make you smile!!