Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm just not ready for that

Last summer while getting the house ready to leave, we boxed up tons of stuff.  We donated old clothes, got rid of stuff we hadn't used in a while and boxed up the valuables and clutter. 

One of the bags/boxes was full of Nolan's stuffed animals.  He was 11 turning 12 last summer.  Still very much a little boy at heart.  Yes, he's the cool hockey goalie.  The cute boy at school whom all the older girls think is cute.  And still a little boy. 

He was a collector of monkeys for years.  We have lots of monkeys.  And he still had this great fish Nemo.  In addition to the other animals on the bed.

Upon returning from the summer,  we un-boxed MOST of the stuff.  The bag of stuffed animals went into his room.  A few months later, they were all still in the bag.  I asked if it was time to put them away.  As in, put the bag in the attic or crawl space.  He said yes.

I guess if you've now kissed a girl, it's time to put your stuffed animals away.  (and I just realized Nolan is now a follower of this blog - sorry Nolan, it's part of the story!)

This summer we are getting the house ready again.  Nolan mentions, "You know the little girl whom is going to come stay in our house this summer?  Maybe she would like my old stuffed animals".  "That is very sweet Nolan.  She would probably like some of them.  Others, I'm not quite ready to give away". 

What?  He smiled.  If you've seen Toy Story 3, you know there comes a time when they have to go to a new home. 

Maybe some of them can go.  Last summer, I had suggested we take Nemo with us and let him go in the ocean.  The reply was "Mom, he would just sink".  ;-)  I do laugh when I think of this stuffed Nemo fish floating around the bay.   But, Nemo's the one I really can't get rid of.

Maybe I'll be ready next summer........

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