Thursday, December 13, 2012


As mentioned in the previous post, it's the moments that get me through this time of year.  So, this is going to be like November - only you have to check this post on a daily basis and these are moments that we forget to notice in the scheme of things.

I'm going to post my moment each day, that is getting me through the "organization" of it all.

My moments so far, this month that are getting me through:

  • Attending the Broncos game
  • Doing an errand for my "husband" (he's the guy I work for, only he's not really a boss, so I call him "my husband") - and he's great about saying thank you.  In fact, he left me a bottle of wine on my desk.
  • Watching Nolan roll his eyes when I asked him a silly question
  • Telling Duncan I was taking him to lunch at school for his birthday.  You see, he doesn't want me too.  I told him I would call Kyle (his friend) and take Kyle and Duncan.  Kyle would say it's okay.  Duncan's response?  Please don't call Kyle, you know he will let you take us to lunch.  ;)  Okay, maybe I'll let you win this one.  Although secretly, I wonder if he really wants me to show up to take the guys to lunch.
  •  Having such good friends whom drive from Vail to go to a Christmas party with you.  And they are such good friends, the wife decided not to come at the last minute and she trusts her husband can attend the party with me only.  Such dear friends.  And I had a really cute date to a party.
  • Watching Duncan's arms shake as I let him drive the car down the street.  (I may need some Xanax for this next portion of my life).
  • Girlfriends having drinks and texting Joe in Hawaii, telling him we were coming for a girls weekend.  Him calling twice to confirm our dates. Wants to us to know we are always welcome.  He only pretends to be ornery.
  • Christmas cards in the mailbox every day for the entire month.
  • One of my girlfriends has the most adorable husband - he's been trying to set me up with a guy at the fire station for about a year.  This is the text I receive the other day:  "You and Lynda go work out on Christmas Day then come by the station".  Not sure why we have to go work out first, but it's pretty cute how he's trying to set me up. 
  • The guy at the liquor store whom last year told me "You are really cute, for your age" - that he still flirts with me when I go into the store - even if I have sweats on.
  • A text from Duncan saying:   "I miss Hawaii.  I miss the blue water.  I miss the stupid coral that I cut my feet on!  I miss the stupid lava rocks that I step on.  I miss the sand!  Even the sand with the rocks in it.  I miss Joe and his jokes towards me!  I miss the dog!  Mom, I miss Hawaii everything about it and everything right now seems to be about it"  Granted, the sun is setting at 5pm and it was cold yesterday, and he had a cold.  I'm not sure he misses Hawaii or our unscheduled way of life.
  • Standing in line at the post office.  Auld Lang Syne comes on.  For some reason it was magical - only it wasn't snowing and I didn't run into an old lover.  Other than that, it was just like the song. ;-)
Okay, that's it - and I'll probably just add a new moment each day and each blog instead of adding to this list.  

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