Saturday, December 29, 2012

The bad boy

I've written some about my part-time job.

I'm learning a lot.  I'm re-learning the mistakes I made when I owned my own company.  What to do.  What not to do.  Inventory and employees are huge components of any company. I'm NOT a good manager.

Suddenly, I'm running this company.  Oh, and I don't like this.  He doesn't plan.  He says we can do anything.  We are going to sell this company.  Blah, Blah, Blah.

When I made up my mind to get a part-time job - I was interviewing all over the place.  That's not true.  I had several phone screens.  Three face-to-face interviews, two job offers. 

Company #1:  There were 7 people, the Owner and the Director of Sales had worked together for 17 or so years.  The Owner had gone out on his own about 10 years ago.  She went two years later.  Casual office out in the industrial area of town.

Company#2"  Start-up.  Owner is in the USA on an "investment VISA".  Everyone has been working together for about a year.   Over $1 million in sales since January.  Cherry Creek office.  (close to home)  Casual trendy environment.

Company not even considered:  A Market Research company.  Hiring technical people.  (If you truly get the irony of this company, you know me).

Well, really, only one job offer. The first place was e-mailed.  I let them know I had accepted another position.  I was REALLY excited about that opportunity.   I didn't let the first give me an offer.  They got delayed.  They wanted me back for a second interview, but the second place gave me an offer first.  I jumped.  I took the offer immediately.

Something is wrong with me.

I was SO excited about my part-time job in the industrial environment.  That's the whole point of a part-time job.  I have recruiting.  It's faithful.  It's loyal.  I'm loyal.  This part-time job was supposed to get me out of the house. A distraction

Then, well, the bad boy came along.  Stock-options.  Manufacturing (I get that).  An idea.  Also an entrepreneaur willing to take a risk.  Never mind you that the other guy also took a risk.  That was ten years ago or so.  Heaven forbid it's actually up and running.


Where did that girl appear from?  She was alive for years.  She did it all. She's supposed to be gone.

I work - but work doesn't define my life.  My kids.  My summers in Hawaii define my life.  Not some job.   That girl left us long time ago.

Friday we had a crazy day.  Insane.  Packing, shipping, manufacturing.  I'm running to the road to meet the trucking company to pull off something that could make or break this company.

Yes, I nicely asked them to come back the next day.

Do I really need this drama in my life????  Really? 

No, I don't need this.  I do want drama in my life.  It always arrives in some shape or form:  my boys, guys I like or work.  Right now, two are settled down.  Two out of three ain't bad....

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