Friday, January 4, 2013

The Ghost in our house

We have a ghost in our house.  We think it's a friendly ghost.

This ghost doesn't like clocks.  Okay, we don't really like clocks either.  That's how we know it's a friendly ghost.  The clock in Nolan's room won't stay set.  Could be the clock.  Could be an electrical problem.  We like to blame our ghost.

My laptop will re-boot itself every once in a while.  I realize this is normal.   It updates itself.  Only when my computer updates itself, when it re-starts it plays Bob Marley.  And only Bob Marley.  Yes, I listen to Pandora, but I shut that down every night.  Bob Marley starts playing around 3am.  Just when the computer re-boots - not every night.

Our ghost doesn't want to live on a schedule either.  The BATTERY OPERATED cube (clock/radio) we have in the kitchen.   It's only a couple months old - it stops charging iPhones - it works fine on the devices that only play music.

Can't blame our ghost.  We are like our ghost.  No wonder it found us.  

Of course, the boys tell me the ghost is responsible for the clothes on the floor in their rooms.  The unmade beds too.  Hmmm.....  Not sure I'm believing them.  

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