Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm going to tri

I'm a list person.  LOVE how productive I can be and will be when I have a list.  The best lists are those I create and then shove into a drawer.  It's amazing what is accomplished if it is written down - then you pull that said list out of the drawer months later - and you can see what you did accomplish.

Of course, there are the lists you aren't supposed to put in a drawer:  Grocery List, Stuff to get to the boys school; places to stop on the way home.  (Wait, is this a list of lists??) 

I guess we could break lists down into a couple kinds:

Short term  (what I need to accomplish today)
Long term  (what I need to accomplish this week/month/year)
Really long term  (what I need to accomplish in my life)

Notice I don't say "I need to DO" or "I want to".  My lists are more facts.  This needs to be done - or better yet - This will be done.  I like that.

I'm not into resolutions.  I'm not going to change.  Have no intention of changing.  Yes, I can improve, I could lose weight, not drink so much wine, watch a few more movies, but chances are that's not going to happen.  (Goes back to you can't fail if your expectations are low!) :-) 

What I do for the year is make a list.  Sometimes it's a short list.  Sometimes it has a lot of goals on it.  Or things I need to do. 

For 2011 - and I laugh as I write this.  My goal for 2011 was to WORK more.  Yes, you read that right. And that was the only thing on my list.  Then in about February, I decided that WORK stood for World Opportunities R Knocking.  And no sooner than I made that acronym, well Hawaii came knocking on my door.  I thought there might be a few more "world adventures", but I accomplished my goal.  I did WORK more.  And here I thought I was talking about improving my financial situation. 

For 2012, I'm headed into 2012 - going with the 12 theme.  I'm starting out by saying - this is what it stands for:  12 months, 12 events, 12 non-profits and the 12 fascinating people I meet along the way.  And if past indicators are a predictive of future behavior, what I thought that this was going to mean, will end up meaning something completely different.  But for now, I'm going to tri........

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