Saturday, January 21, 2012

Was this their decision?

We all influence other peoples lives.  Directly, indirectly, by accident, on purpose, intentionally, etc.  If you have children, you expose them to a multitude of activities.  But chances are, the only activities you expose your children to are the activities you like.

I realized the other day, my sons have never played a game of baseball.  I'm not a huge baseball fan (I do go to games though), their dad isn't into baseball either.  So, it's one of those sports that has just slipped by us.  My children haven't missed out on anything - they have exposure to other activities.

What I really want to know is:  what about the kids who only CAN play/do one activity?  Let's look at the Manning family.  You know, Archie Manning, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning...... Yes, there are two brothers who don't play football.  Can you imagine the pressure on those two boys?  What about the pressure on Eli and Peyton?  What if they had wanted to play another sport?  Did they LOVE to get up in the morning and go play football???

Rumor has it John Elway wouldn't let his son play Lacrosse in high school.  Thought it might take away from his football ability.  Of course, in the middle of his sophomore or junior year in college, Jack Elway walked off the football team.  Maybe he always wanted to be a Lacrosse player???

I could go on and on.  There are tons of famous examples of children and their activity choices.  Do you expose your children to everything and then see what piques their interest?  Do you pick an activity and they like it because you like it? 

When do you start making your own choices about what you like in life versus what your parents want you to like in life???

Reading back over this, there are more questions than answers.  There are no easy answers.  It takes a brave child to tell their parents they don't like something you want them to like.  If only we would listen.

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