Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day

A really cute movie called "Valentine's Day" came out a few years ago.  It's one of those movies that has several stories within the movie.  It's a star studded cast  (Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Dr's McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy - just to name a few).  You know they all connect, you just aren't sure how.  Different story lines. You try to piece it together as the movie goes along, but never really knowing whom is connected to whom, until the end.

I LOVE movies like this.  Another one like this is "Love Actually"  (Hugh Grant!!!).  "New Year's Eve", etc.  They all seem to revolve around holidays.  Hmmmm - just now noticed that....

I guess holiday's are romanticized.  Hollywood making us think that this is real life.  The glitter.  The shine.  The many stories going on at once.  That part is true.  Pieces of our lives over-lapping the other pieces then finally combining, making one story.  Your life.

I'm a connector.  Guess that's why I recruit.  Ha.  I'm really good at meeting someone, then knowing they need to meet someone else I've met.  Connecting two people.  My  life overlaps, ebbs and flows with pieces over-lapping.  That's just everyday life for me.

However, next week, I'm going to have my own little Hollywood movie.

This is what is scripted:

Wednesday:  I fly to Los Angeles.  My summer daughter and her mother are picking me up.  I'm spending the night with them.  And if you have been following this story - yes, that's an old flame's ex-wife whom is picking me up at the airport.  And yes, I'm spending the night with them.

Thursday:  An old flame (a different one - this one is Ed) from many years ago, whom by the way, I met one summer and we have been great friends for years and years, is picking me up from their house.  From there we are going to San Diego.

Friday:  Both boys have a hockey tournament in San Diego - they don't know I'm coming.  They really don't care that I'm going to be there - they do know Ed is coming to watch them.  Oh, yes, my ex-husband will be there too.

Saturday:  Summer daughter and her mom are coming to San Diego to see the boys play - the boys don't know this either.

Monday:  Fly back to Denver.  End of script.

That is all that is in the script - I think that's enough.  It's a star studded cast.  Thursday is Valentine's Day.  This is my script.  We are improvising the rest. I'm wondering what the other scripts contain.

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