Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer Camp vs Hawaii

Would a compromise be: I should Summer Camp in Kona?

I asked Nolan this question two years ago when we returned from Hawaii for the first time.  The year before he had gone to summer camp for two weeks.  Two weeks with his friends from school - 40 miles from our house.  Horse back riding.  Camping.  Swimming.  Cute girls from other schools.  All your friends.  No parents. If you had to to choose, which one would you pick?  Summer camp or Hawaii.  You can't do both.

At the time, he said, that would be a very hard decision.  He says, "I think I would pick Hawaii, but I'm not sure". 

Fast forward.  About a month ago (we are now entering our third summer in Hawaii), I asked again.  Hawaii or Summer Camp.  He replies, "It's funny you ask.  Just last week the guys at school were trying to talk me into coming back to camp."  "I told them, it's okay, I have my own summer thing going on.".  Smile. 

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