Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feminine Hygiene

Males - you may want to skip this one.

Can we be honest?  Our "time of the month" - it sucks.  We may all think this.  We agree with one another on a female level, but I think we need to be honest.  We don't need to complain.  We are now at the acceptance stage of the relationship.  We all understand we have to deal with this monthly problem.

But, let's not sugarcoat it.  It's dreadful.  It's a pain.  It's a mess.

Let's also let the secrets out.  To the younger women.  The things we were never told - but OH, how I wish I would have had the REAL version of our monthly visits from Aunt Flo.

  • This gets worse as you get older.
  • I was always lucky, it was never too bad, but for some of you, it's going to be bad.  As in pain.  As in you don't want to get out of bed.  As in, you are the most outrageous bitch on earth. 
  • It will get better
  • It will get worse.
  • If you ever have a baby, you will bleed for close to a month after you have a baby.  Something NO ONE tells you ANY POINT IN YOUR LIFE.  No book.  No mom.  No one.  If fact, a friend of mine, when I told her this she replied "Are you sure that's normal?"  This is after me having my last child.  I told her to ask her sister (her sister had kids).  Let's pass it on.  Tell the breeders - it won't make it stink any less; they will just be warned.
  • The machines in restrooms are ALWAYS out of supplies.
  • It's okay to ask a random stranger for supplies.  It's okay if you discover if she only speaks some language you don't.  Maybe the lesson here should be you should learn to ask for tampons in another language?
  • It's okay to talk about the fact that you need a "feminine hygiene" product.   They are called tampons, pads and now there is even this new "cup" thing.  (Not my thing, but I know women whom swear by these things - and if I do my research, I will re-post the name).

Notice I didn't say, you should be better prepared?  We aren't always prepared in life.  We are here to help us others be more prepared in life than us.

Here is your call to action.  Here is your kind deed of the day.

Go buy some tampons.

Place them randomly in bathrooms when you are there. You know, individual ones.  Sealed.  Put one, just in the place YOU would look. If YOU need to leave a note, leave a note.

Donate them to Food Banks.  This is something we NEVER talk about, but it would be a huge expense if you really needed the money.  Maybe we put them with school supplies for the teenage girls whom don't want to ask their families for money?  

My Goodness, if WE as adults are embarrassed about asking, can you imagine what a 14 girl whom family has no money feels like??

SOOOOO, my Random Act of Kindness Warriors, go deliver tampons.  Not to worry, they aren't going to tell you thank you.  This will be one of the ultimate gifts of giving.  

But, the next time, there is a  feminine hygiene product appearing when you need one.....  maybe it will help ease the pain.  As all kindness acts usually do.

Just like life. It ebbs.  It flows.  It doesn't kill us.  It in fact, in DOES NOT make us stronger.  It's just part of life.  Deal with it.

Get over it.  Accept it.

Embrace it.

Make someone else's experience better.

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