Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hawaiian Hangover

I knew it would hit. I knew it was going to be a hard hangover, but like any good party, it comes to an end. Then you forget, the hangover hurts. And sometimes, it hurts hard.

Took longer than I thought to hit. In fact, a week. Usually, at least for me personally, the first day back from a vacation isn't so bad. It's day two. And I don't mean, I get back on Saturday, and Monday stinks. It's day two of the normal routine. Meaning Tuesday. Sunday's and Monday's are usually filled getting caught up. One with house stuff, the next with work. Maybe it's just Tuesday's??

The "hangover" started yesterday. It was busy. Work is busy (by the way, THAT is ALWAYS a GOOD thing). Boys were back from their dad's house. Pre-season hockey started. Back to the routine.

I was handling it well. I needed to work out. The day before (Sunday) I participated in a triathlon (triforthecure-denver.com)*** (someone please remind me to write a story on that experience in my life). I lost my Garmin - but it was turned it to lost and found and is being returned to me. Sorry for the tangent - back to swimming laps....

During the Tri, I remembered I really like swimming. Of course, I think I'm part fish and had been swimming in the ocean all summer... I should go swim. I go to our athletic club and start swimming laps. Swimming laps in a murky pool with tons of people in it. Not sure it helped with the hangover. In fact I think it pushed me further down the drain.

Today, full blown hangover hits. It's a busy day. Orthodontist appointments for the boys at SEVEN AM. Drop off school registration. And work. I made it until about 3 and I needed to swim. Back to the club, back to swim.

In the meantime, the Hawaiian house owners (anyone have a good name for them?) call and say they are back. The house looks great. Thanks for taking such great care of it. Thanks for the gift. And thanks for our house too. I now have tears in my eyes. I really was hanging in there - by a thread.

On the way to the pool, Hawaii calls and asks if I knew how to operate their dryer (BTW, I only used it once - they have a line to dry things) - they couldn't remember, it was new when they left. Wait. You are calling me to ask me how something operates in your house? You mean my other house????

I get to the club.

POOL IS CLOSED. Some kid pooped in the pool and they had the shock the pool. No swimming laps.

Hello real world.

Wait, this isn't a hangover - this is REAL life. And although today, re-entry into the real world seems a bit rough - I have my health, my children, my experiences, a roof over my head...... well, you get the idea. It's perspective. And really, it's not that rough. I'm just having a bit of a hangover from the dream.

This too shall pass. Nothing a Bloody Mary and an Advil couldn't cure. My only fear is this "hangover" may last a little longer than normal.

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