Monday, August 22, 2011


People still have weddings. Can you believe it? In this day in age? There are two people out there whom are willing to buck the odds and go for it?

You say you aren't a risk taker? Yes, you are going to not only get married, but have a wedding?? Yes, YOU, are a risk taker. Only we don't think of it that way. We think - "that, is what you are supposed to do". It's not really taking a risk. But, if you look at the odds - sorry, you are better off going to Vegas with $10,000.....

Weddings tell us - I still have hope. I still believe. I still believe, that I am different. And isn't that funny, the rest of our life, we want to be just like everyone else???? See, you are a risk taker.

I attended a wedding this weekend in Nathrop, CO - the back drop to the "collegiate mountains" - Mt Princeton. It's beautiful. No argument there. And in fact, it was an afternoon wedding. A risk in Colorado in the summer. Rain. And yes, it clouded up, and darkened, then sprinkled. Then, just as the ceremony starts, the sun comes out. Sometimes hope is enough.

That is the thing about weddings - it's all about hope. I never thought about it before, but really the wedding has only something to do with the bride and groom. It has TONS to do with parents saying "look what I accomplished" and TONS to do with people wanting to get together.

And truly...... My favorite people I met at the wedding????? And it's almost hard to admit, but anyone who knows me, knows this answer. The mother of the groom and her best friend.

Because truly it's funny, I just told you - I don't believe marriages last against all odds. BUT, the two best girlfriends know - they last. It doesn't matter, and weddings are great and we have all hope and I wish nothing but the best for Sharon and Ross.

However, I KNOW what will last until the end of time. I know Ross's mom will be standing next to her best friend at the moment she needs her. I'm NOT saying Sharon and Ross won't last, I'm just telling you what will.

You know why? Because we never had to, we just wanted too. And it's ok, we got left behind and separated, but we've always known, who'd we pick up in the rain, 2000 miles away.

Really, weddings have EVERYTHING to do with LOVE. EVERYTHING to do with gambling. AND EVERYTHING to do about best friends.

Sometimes in life, we understand, they greet us in a couple of different ways.....

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