Sunday, April 1, 2012

He still thinks he has "game"

His name was Tom.  I don't know his last name.

He was 88.  He was from Chicago.  His wife passed away 20 years ago.  He had a lady friend.  She didn't like to go out.  Wait, yes she did, just not past 8.  She golfed with him.  Had dinner with him.  Then Tom would take her home and go out in Cherry Creek.

His eyes were very blue and could see through to your soul.  And at 88 years old was still very charming.  Sharp as a tack.  Could talk about anything and everything.  During his career, he was the #1 sales guy at his company and still wore a sales ring.  The ring was an award for his career.  I THINK he was in car sales, but I could be wrong.  He also lost a daughter, after his wife.

I have never understood the Anna Nicole Smith story.  He was WAY old.  She was VERY young.  And yes, I too, thought she was a gold digger.  My first instinct was to say "Yes, she's after his money".

Then I met Tom.  Truth be told, I don't even know the name of Anna Nicole Smith's old rich husband.  I was just fascinated with the story.

But when I met Tom, I thought for the first time, we could all be wrong.

Could I have married this guy?  No.  No doubt about it.

For a moment though, I HOPE he (Anna Nicole Smith's first husband) was a guy like Tom.

I hadn't seen Tom since October.  I was sorta in hibernation for the winter and didn't go out much.  Although, I've been out and about the last few weeks and hadn't seen him.  I knew I needed to ask.

The last time I saw Tom, it was a Wednesday night in October.  I was out with a "male friend" for dinner.  He passed away the following Tuesday.  Same Tom - to his defense, he wasn't the guy whom would sit at the bar and tell you his stories.  He smiled.  He laughed.  He asked questions.  And he flirted with you. He didn't care if you were sitting with someone else.  You didn't really care either, you wanted to talk to Tom.  He was very handsome - still.  Or maybe his character carried him through.

His lady friend had called the restaurant and let them know.  They lit a candle for him.

He still thought he had game.  He told me once  "If I wasn't so old I would kiss you.".  I smiled.  Of course you would.  I'm sorry - you are older than my grandfather.  That's not what I said.  I just smiled.

Truth be told - if he could still make someone smile at 88 years old - he still had game.....

Please, make a memorial for me somewhere one day - don't say though "she thought she still had game".  Please write "She still had game".  I can only hope.

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