Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beer Goggles

Or really, wine goggles.  Maybe martini goggles????  :-)

A friend was in town for business and decided to stay for one more night so we could see each other.  We went to Happy Hour downtown by the hotel she had been staying in.

Then we went to Cherry Creek.  My "hood".  My "stomping ground".  She is married.  Has kids.  Has a great career.  She got to see the "single life".  Or rather the "we are old now and this is where we go places in town".  :-)

It's a beautiful night and we are at my favorite restaurant.  There is something to be said for going to the same places.  The staff knows how to treat you.  They know you'll be back.  You also know how to treat them, because, well, you will be back and want to be treated well.

The manager stops by our table - and sits down.  He thanks me for sharing a cab home with someone whom shouldn't have been driving to avoid an argument.  (It's easy to convince someone they shouldn't drive, if someone else will go with them!)  My house was on the way home, I had the managers phone number, and it was easy.  Plus, I had cocktails anyway.  We shouldn't drive, even if we think we are okay.

Side note there.

After Mark (the manager) leaves, she says  "Is he gay?".  I say "No."  Are you sure?  Well, no, but he was married, he does have two sons, but I know that doesn't mean anything.  She says, "I think he's gay".

A cocktail later - and during dinner.  "You know, Mark is kinda cute".  She says.  I smile.  He is cute.  He dresses well and he's very fun. 

The next cocktail later.  "Where's Mark?  He hasn't stopped by our table in a while.  You know, I don't think he's gay".  Ok.  Sure thing.  I don't think he's gay either.  He's flirty, he's charming - but that's his job.  ;-)

He bought us a drink.  More friends stopped by.  We had a wonderful evening.  And Mark, was fun, and charming and doing his job.  I've known the man for years. He was off work and left.
We took a cab home.  We were probably okay to drive, but why take the chance?  We could hurt someone. 


"I think he's gay"......... ;-) 

We all know alcohol can lead to bad decisions.  It can also lead to very fun stories.......

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