Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is a Penny for?

  • Fountain wishes - what else would I throw in a fountain?
  • Horsey rides at the grocery store - yes, they are still just $.01
  • When something is $1.99 - what would the store clerk give you for change?
  • What if you wanted to pay the exact amount in cash and your total is $1.01?
  • Something to put on the train track (or in the machine at the amusement park)
  • Your thoughts
  • A note from heaven.  (Google Penny's from Heaven)
  • To make some one's day.  Have you EVER seen a penny on the ground and not smiled?  ;-) 
The next time to have a penny in your hand, don't get upset or annoyed.  Just smile.  Someone is smiling with you.

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