Sunday, April 8, 2012

More gas, More beer,

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Without breaking it up "More Gas, More Beer, Wishing you a Happy New Year."  This was supposed to be the saying on the Christmas Card two years ago - Christmas 2010.

Christmas Cards are MY thing.  I'm all about the Christmas card.  Yes, now there are electronic cards.  And we really don't get as much mail as we used too.  BUT, December - it's my month.  AND I HATE DECEMBER.  (but December has NOTHING on FEBRUARY),

Martha Stewart comes SCREAMING out of me - sometimes.  BUT Christmas cards - I'm ALWAYS Martha.

2010 was a big year.  I took my sons to Moab, UT for the first time.  To the "Russo Puppy Party".  Easter Weekend.  This year, was our third year. 

Duncan was 12.  My friend Ed, whom I've know since I was 19 - decided 12 was the age you learn how to drive.  Seriously.  I come back from a motorcycle ride and Duncan has driven a Land Rover.  (Wait, I had the boys, you had the girl, and you still get all the fun!!!).

They learned to drive, they learned how to drive motorcycle's and they got to shoot the adult men in the buttocks with a BB gun. My sons will never be the same - it changed their lives forever. (Duncan learned to drive the Land Rover.  THEY both learned everything else.  THEY will never be the same)

Then there is a place called "Potato Salad".

Side note:  I like nice things.  I like my nails done.  I like my hair done.  And I can also camp for 4 days without a shower - NOT a nice thing, but I can play with the boys)

Then there is a place called "Potato Salad"  - yes, I know, I repeated that.  You Tube It.  It doesn't get much more white trash than this.  

Basically, you watch trucks try to climb this hill (we've never seen one flip - one can only hope!).  People cheer.  It's hysterical.  There is a girl driving and the crowd yells "More GAS" - she yells back "I need more beer".  The story was born....

2010 - I ran my first marathon.


Boys suggestion:  "More Gas, More Beer, We are wishing you a Happy New Year".

I JUST couldn't do it.  I would have to do two Christmas cards - one for the group that would understand, another for everyone else.  For the first time in probably 20 years - I didn't send one.

Although, I probably should have.  It will always be the year I didn't send a card, but we all know what it said.

PS - It's only April, and well this year, it should be good......

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