Monday, November 5, 2012

100th blog of the year


Today is the 310th day of the year.  Which means, I write a blog every 3.1 days.  Or my "column" is "published" at least twice a week. 

Only this is skewed - I write once or twice a DAY in Hawaii.  Once or twice a month in the real world.  The real point though:  I have written 100 blogs this year.... 

HOLY COW.  Still not sure how this writing thing happened. 

Several people this month are stating one thing they are thankful for a day.  I think this is a noble cause.  Some things are simple to think of why we are thankful.  When you keep going, it's harder and harder to be thankful.  They tend to start out big.  Then towards the end of November, people either have quit or get down to what the lesson is really about.

The small IMPORTANT pieces of life.  First thankful thought is usually:  family.  At the end of 30 days:  the air I breathe.  We take SO much for granted.  We think of the big things first. Really, it should be read in reverse.  Day 1:  I'm thankful I have fresh air to breathe - then build big....

This is sort of like my blog.  I started out big - just ramble and write.  Now at 100 blogs for the year, not counting the 52 blogs LAST YEAR, the blog has taught me about simple things.

Appreciating that I do like to write.  That my writing has improved.  More people read what I write - and that is less important than WHAT I write.

I've also learned more about me.  It's actually fun.  It's endearing to know people want to read. 

I read a great article about the "Great Lost Generation" - not knowing how to communicate with each other.  Not knowing how to speak face to face.  And yes, this next generation is in for ride.  It will be interesting to see their social skills.

HOWEVER, you know what IS happening???   We are reading again.  It might not be in print.  You might not "clip" an article and give it to a friend.  What you can do?  Hey you should read this article.....  and poof it's there.

Yes, I like handing a book to my friends and telling them about the book.  I love my little used bookstore.  What is really important though:  We are reading again.  And, some of us, are learning to write.....

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