Thursday, November 15, 2012

Love the one you are with

Be present.  In everything you do.

You know what's annoying?  When you look around a restaurant and people are engaged with their paper or their phones.  Not with the person/people sitting at the table with you.  Yes, sometimes, you do need to answer a call, but really?  Not really.

People aren't present.  Right here and now.

I'm really bad at this - just in the opposite way of everyone else.  When I'm present, I can't imagine ever being any where/place than where I am at that moment.  I don't wish my time away. I want to be right here.  Right now.

Then, of course, I take it too far.  I then imagine I will always be in this place.  HOWEVER, an hour later when the time is over.  I'm on to the next thing - and can never imagine, once again, that I could be any place else.  Not pining for where I was either.  Present in the new place.


My new part-time job.  It was much needed in my life.  I'm distracted.  Happy.  Busy.  What I needed in my life.  My thoughts:  "this job is great.  I'm helping out a lot.  There are shares for me - this is an 18 month project. I could really make some money when this company sells.  I can do this for 18 months."  Hmmmmmm, wonder what I'm going to do about Hawaii next summer?  I guess maybe I can only be gone for two weeks next summer.  I'll need to be here for this job.

Recruiting is going well.  My part-time job is going well.  Boys are doing great.  Hockey season is under way.  Life is flowing along....  We are healthy.  We are loved.  We have a roof over our head and people to care about us.  Who would want for more?


A phone call.

What you say?  Can we trade houses again for the original Hawaii house?  After all our daughter is having a baby.  We want to come for the summer.  Can you stay longer this summer?

Poof.  Just like that.

Gypsy Leasa says:  "We can trade for as long as you want.  Just let us know".


What happened to "only two weeks next summer?"  What happened to "being right where I am?".  Shares?  Stock options?

Oh, what you say???  You want me to come to Hawaii and live in my house again, with the neighbor Joe next door?  

I love this whole wonderful incredible life we've created here in our everyday life.  I also love our summer life.

Thankfully, we don't have to choose one or the other.  We can choose both.  I can love both wholly, fully and in the present.  Together.  Each at their own time.  Loving the one I'm with.

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