Sunday, November 25, 2012


ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

It's runs fairly rampant in this household.  ADD isn't really a bad thing.  We don't have bad cases of it.  Just "bursts" of it. 

Several projects always going on.  Bursts of boredom, followed by creating new things.  Everything gets finished around here.  Usually all at once too - One projected is started, then another, then another, then Oh, we have to go to hockey.  We have too.... You name it - we are busy doing it.  Then suddenly all at once, we get focused and it all gets done.

I really do wish I could start a project.  See it through to the end.  THEN start another project.  Truth is, I don't really know a lot of people whom can do that.  Unless of course, they have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  Although, their projects never get done either - they are always perfecting it.

We really "diagnose" things these days.  It used to be, someone was good at one thing, and not so good at others.

For me, I need lists.  If it is not on a list, it won't ever get done.  You can tell me, but unless there is a note, a piece of paper, the back side of my hand or sticky reminding me that I need to do something.  Even if I WANT to do it.  It works much better if I have it written down.

Which brings me to my shopping list.  I'm okay going to the store without a list if I only need the basics: 

  • Milk,
  •  Eggs,
  •  Cheese,
  •  Bread, 
  • Chips, 
  • Fruit, 
  • Vegetables, 
  • Pasta and Sauce
With these 8 things, we can make it through the week around here.  However, if we are out of even "staples", I need a list.  You know those things you don't have to buy EVERY week, but it's nice to always have on hand:
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Etc.
I couldn't tell you if we ran out or not.  It's got to be on the list.

Tuesday, I was making Nolan's lunch.  (Yes, I still make the boys lunch.  A few years ago I was very tired of making lunches.  We rode that wave and I now realize I only have a couple of lunch making years left, so I don't mind).

Nolan looks over and says, "What's that big bag?"  I reply, "Well, we ran out of sandwich bags, so I just put your sandwich and chips together in a gallon size bag."  Smile.  The look on his face?  He just shakes his head.  I smile and start laughing.  "Would it be better if you just lived with your Dad?".  He just laughed.

And today, at the store, guess what?  I forgot sandwich bags.  I didn't write it down.  My poor children........

Oh, and his favorite joke?  You know what ADD OS stands for?  Attention Deficit Disor****   Oh Shinny!

He's familiar with that feeling....

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