Saturday, February 9, 2013

Writers Block

I SOOOO want to write.  Write where the words just come out.  And make sense.  They make a story.

Although, today, yesterday and the day before that....NOTHING.  Not a thing.....  Not a story to tell. 

That's not true.  My "husband"  (read owner of the company I'm working with) met an old boyfriend of mine the other day.  Quite humorous - we are looking at expanding the company,  I know what he wants to do, I sent him to met Robert.  It was funny - I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  I didn't tell my husband that Robert was an old boyfriend.  I will have to ask his real wife if she heard, of course, he's not going to tell me how it came up.  Arrgh..... 

My "Open Me" blog has been read over 300 times - I sent it to the Newtown Kindness to let them know the story.  They posted a link on their website.  They also sent the link to Charlotte's dad.  He e-mailed me.  Tears. 

I don't do well in the month of February.  It's the longest month ever.  No wonder I ran away last February to Kona. 

I'm trying to write.  I really am.  It's not personal.  Maybe it's just a couple of days with a block.  However, as I read my old blogs, I can get tears in my eyes too.  So, I'll work on some good stories.  They will come out.  A block is just a stepping stone. 

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  1. Love your statement: "A block is just a stepping stone."

    Sometimes it's hard to write... it takes time to work through things. It will come when you least expect it!