Friday, January 3, 2014

Flirting is Free

What is it about the Lifetime Network movies that suck you in?  (I think it's now called LMN - versus Lifetime)

These are bad "Made for TV Movies", whom usually start out okay.  Then after the first twist or 20 minutes, well, they are dreadful.  If you try starting one in the middle, it just doesn't work.  If you start, at well, the start, they in some way, hook you in.  Then next thing you know, it's two hours later and you are crying because you watched this movie.

Almost five years ago, I started watching a Lifetime movie - it was called "Flirting with Forty".  Oh, what's her name.  Heather Locklear was the lead.  It was a summer day.  We still had real cable back then.  Not the "ghetto cable" (as the boys call it) we have today.  (They should consider themselves lucky - we are about to get rid of cable and "stream" TV)

I digress.

I get sucked into this movie.  Long story short:  Heather goes to Hawaii and meets a young surf instructor and ends up flying back and forth.  They break up.  Then one day he shows up IN DENVER - Because, THAT IS WHERE SHE LIVED.

Remind you now, this was BEFORE my little Hawaii adventure.  I just remember watching the movie and being really jealous.  Then I discovered she was "living in Denver" - then I was just pissed.  I'm sure the movie isn't very "good", but in my mind, well, you can see, I still remember it.  (Yes, she was divorced and had two kids).

Then next thing you know.  Well, okay, not really.  It was two years later, my adventure to Hawaii began.  I was "Flirting in my 40's".

I'm a good flirt.  It's fun to flirt.  And truthfully, I'm more "talk".  Don't get me wrong, I've gotten into my share of trouble from flirting, but really, it's fun to flirt.

Flirting makes you feel like a million bucks.  You feel attractive.  They feel attractive.  The best flirting is all that is done - then left alone.  It was free.  No need to act.

This New Years Eve we were on our annual pilgrimage to see friends we always see.  To the New Years Eve party we have attended for the last 5 years (minus 1).  My "brothers" were there.  My sons were too.  Some other great friends we've met over the years too.  AND, my flirting buddy.

We met with this group years ago.  He's married.  He's got kids. (They were still out of town from the holiday's).  He's a great looking guy - in shape, smart and successful.  And we are attracted to each other.

But only in a flirting kind of way.  In fact, we usually just say hi and smile - then walk in the other room.

This year though, we texted each other during the party.  It was fun.  It made me feel like a million bucks.  Silly stuff - "I like your socks" - was one of the texts.  "Thanks for trying to kill us when we were shooting off the fireworks" was another.

Nothing sexual.  Nothing risque - unless you are counting "I'm going outside - do you have extra clothing I can borrow?  Like your gloves."  Just flirting.

Just like that - the night ended.  That was the end of our flirting.  Back to the real world.

Flirting is free.

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