Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Unrequited love

The love we can't have.   The love we had for a "moment", but we couldn't/didn't hold on to it.  For some reason, the timing just isn't right.

It's is story of my life.  Right time.  Wrong place.  Right place - wrong time.  

I'm not talking about my flirting friend.  I'm talking about a time and a place and it wasn't meant to be.  Or at least not, right now.  

We've all had those.  So instead of really 

But this story is not about me.  It's about my son.  He got a taste of the "unrequited love" of life.  They "I want you to be my girlfriend" and instead of saying yes.  She said nothing.  Too scared to say yes (after all, they were 14), but not wanting to let him go.  Then, when she wanted "more", well, it was too late.  

The back and forth game begins.

There is this website with teenagers called  Then you ad your "handle". and you can "anonymously" ask anyone on this site anything.  Although, as we know, nothing on the Internet is "anonymous".  

So, she's posting all over the place of how in love she is.  Then he posts "I'm in love".  Well, she doesn't like this.  Of course she doesn't.  All I can think is "I want you to still be missing me - even though I'm out living my life, you need to miss me".  

I remember being that girl.  

You scare me to death.  Only, I want you here with me - while I go play.  (Much like their mom and dad's).  But just remember, while you are "out there" looking - the one you missed out on, well, was the one you had in the first place.  Don't spend your whole life wondering what it "would have been like".  Don't miss your chance.

If you aren't smart enough to realize it the first time, realize it the second time....

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