Monday, January 20, 2014

Look how far you've come

Both my sons were in hockey tournaments over the weekend.  One was out of town.  One was in town.  

In the tournament world, you are "guaranteed" four games.  If your team does well, you proceed to the play-off game.  Then again, a championship game.  

I did not attend Nolan's games.  From Friday morning until Sunday morning, I attended four hockey games.  They won all of them.  I was then at the rink at 7am thing morning.  They won that game too.

Side note here:  I LOVE sports.  I love it all.  But, I'm like any parent, I'm glad they are winning, but well, losing, would it be all bad?  (yes, parents other than me have admitted the same thing).

Championship game was at 1:00pm this afternoon.  Let me add this up for you.  Hockey has 3 periods - at this age level, they play three 15 minute periods.  SO, by this afternoon, end of second period I had attended 225 minutes of hockey play time, plus 2 minutes of overtime in one game PLUS 30 minutes into the game we are watching.  We are now at 257 minutes of hockey in 36 hours.  

This does NOT include warm-up time, drive time or anything else.  This is shear on the ice time.  

We have 15 minutes left.  We are up 1-0.  Everyone is exhausted.

One of the dad's states the fact "We have 15 minutes left".  Yes, in the world of sports that is a VERY long time.  ANY thing can happen.  

I turned around and said, "Yes, but look how far we have come!"  We have already played 257 minutes - we only have 15 minutes left - that's nothing.  

He replies, "You really are a glass full type of person aren't you??".  I replied, "I'm used to training for things - I know you aren't supposed to look back - and if you do, it's just to see how far you have come".

BTW, they won the championship.  And for this sports enthusiast, 6 hockey games and 2 NFL games later, I'm exhausted.  

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