Saturday, August 17, 2013


Denver, Colorado is an incredible place.  In fact, the entire "metro area" is pretty down right incredible.

There are bike paths through this entire city.  By city, I mean, the entire metro-plex.  I can ride from my house - well, to Red Rocks (stop and listen to a concert), then ride to Golden (for a beer - only go to "The second largest brewery in Golden"), from there to Boulder, CO  (check out the football stadium on the CU campus) then ride the trail straight back to my house.  Of course, that's A LOT of miles,  but it can be incredible.  What other city can you literally "ride your way around?" 

Dining is incredible.  Great restaurants.  Wonderful food.  Decent prices.

One of the biggest small towns you will ever visit.  It's easy to get to meet the people in your circle.  It's an easy place to be.

The temperature tonight, well, it's a 'non-temp" - it's not hot.  It's not cold.  It's not humid.  It's not dry.  Literally, there is no temperature.  I thought about that thought for a moment - the lack of temperature.  Wouldn't that be your body temp?  But, it's not.  I can't describe it.  It's the lack of something, plus something more, equaling, well, an even temperature.

I've covered bikes, food, people and temperature.  There is world-class skiing just an hour from my house.  Okay, maybe an hour an a half.  But, I can leave my house and be in Vail, on the slopes in less than two hours.

There is hiking.  There is biking.  There are numerous outdoor activities.  There are also museums.  World class shopping.  In fact, the Cherry Creek Shopping District (in the middle of Denver) accounts as the #ONE tourist attraction in Denver. (this actually makes me kind of sad, but I digress).

What an incredible place.

Only today I realized I think I'm missing a part of this incredible place.  I could be any place.  I'm just missing someone to share all of this joy in this place.  I think it's time to find someone to share this joy.  As, I've always taken the opposite approach - "I'm pretty darn happy and if someone is going to come into my life, it's a wonderful addition."

But now, I've been missing something.  Now,  I think I'm going to start to date."  You know, share all this joy of my life with someone else.

Knowing my personality, when I make up my mind to do something, well, I tend to do it.  So, here we go Denver, I'm going to date.......

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