Friday, August 2, 2013

I need a shower

We shower at the beach.  We shower when we get out of the hot tub. 

I wash my hair at both or either locations.  If you shower at the beach, the showers are outside of the restrooms.  In other words, co-ed and very public.  Needless to say, you shower with your swimsuit on. 

If I shower at the beach, then I usually rinse off at the house to get rid of the rest of the sand. 

Also, as mentioned earlier this civilization is a bit of "lost paradise".  We are dirty.

As in Duncan informed me he's only washing his hair once a week.  It is wet everyday. 

Lily's hair has a knot in it - I think that combs out.  My hair on the other hand?  It also has a knot in it.  And I'm not sure if there isn't something living in my hair.  Curls are nice, most of the time.  I'm beginning to think I'd kind would like only wavy hair. 

I'm not sure when Nolan is washing his hair.  Although Nolan does put on fresh clothes at least once a day.  Duncan informed me he hasn't worn underwear this entire trip.  I don't think I needed to know that.  Sorry, I thought you might need to know that.  (smile!)

So tonight after the beach, I took a real shower.  One that include a dry towel, hair shampoo, conditioner and a razor! I feel like a new woman.  I even got the brush through the hair.  Ahhhh...

I'm clean, but I'm betting there is still sand in my hair.

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