Monday, August 19, 2013

Dating 101

Normally, I just end up dating someone.  A friend of mine will introduce me.  I will meet someone through some organization I'm involved with.  Or I meet him out and about.

I'm on a mission this time.  How does one date, if you don't meet them through the above means?  How does one meet someone???  Give them my card at the grocery store?  I might be thought of as a stalker. 

I ask my friends.  What do you do?  For reasons unknown to me, I've managed to date plenty over the last 10 years of being single.  Yes, but now I've made my mind up that it is time to date. 

It's a numbers game.  Like anything else in life.  But what if we have too many choices today?  Do we go out with a bunch of different guys to see or just a couple and keep going out with the one that is "the best" of the group.  You know, the convenient one.  The one you like.  The one you have fun with, but isn't the one whom fills your soul. 

Hmmmm.  I'm not sure.

I think I'm going to need a list though.  I always need a list.  A list of things to do to meet people.  A list of qualities I think I like or don't like.

So, of course, start a list:

  • Must like tomatoes
  • Must own a bicycle
  • Prefer someone whom doesn't have a job.  Yes, I realize most people would like someone they are dating to have a job.  I prefer those whom run companies, create companies or are retired.  Or maybe a trustfunder if I'm going to date a younger guy.
  • Volunteer at events I like as to meet like minded individuals.
  • Attend social events
  • Wine tasting classes
  • It's pretty hypocritical of me, but I usually like guys whom don't have kids.  Or kids whom are away from home already
  • Maybe I'll run an ad on Craigslist - since it seems to be the place that has changed my life the most.
  • Or maybe I'll answer that ad on Craigslist.
I've always said, "Rules are for the ones you don't like".  If you find someone you like, you break all the rules.  I'm not going to concentrate on "what I'm going to do".  More concentration on "How" I'm going to do it.

My friends are actually very frightened.  They all know when I make up mind, we are all in trouble....

Here we go......


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