Monday, August 20, 2012

Alarm Clock - Part II

When I last left you, it was all about time. 

Waiting.  Settings.  Running on a schedule that doesn't belong to us. 

School begins next week for the boys.  Cross country begins and hockey try-outs start at the end of the week.  We are back to our color coded calendar of events.  Routes.  Bus schedules.  Carpools. 

Everything running "on time".  Scheduled.  Organized. 

It's all good.  This is how 90% of the world functions.  Some of those in the 10% live in a mud hut in Africa.  No need for that extreme......  We can function within this reality. 

BUT, to follow up from the alarm clock in the hall.......

First thing the next morning:  Duncan, please put the alarm clock in the Goodwill pile in the garage. (On a side note here - I'm not a "stuff" person - we stop by Goodwill on a weekly basis to drop things off. The rule around here:  if you don't like it, aren't using it and don't want it any more:  it goes in the Goodwill pile).  Of course, someone else can take what you wanted to "discard" out of the pile.  No, there is no "garage sale" pile.)   If it's something of real "value", we MIGHT list it on Craigslist. 

Alarm clock is the Goodwill pile in the garage.  Last I know.  Some time last week, I was told I had to "come outside, quick!"  (NEVER, a good thing)  I've learned. 

Two boys (yes, both mine) with hammers.  Shattering the "horrible" alarm clock.  I just shook my head and smiled.  Nolan lectured, "someone could have bought a good alarm clock at a good price".  Duncan proclaimed, "we aren't passing this alarm clock forward!"  Needless to say, it was already destroyed when I got there. 

When the electricity goes out in the house, the alarm clocks in the boys bedrooms blink.  (well, at least they both did - now the clock in Nolan's room blinks). 

We have destroyed the "evil" clock.  Nolan's clock has been blinking since we got back from Hawaii - 27 days ago.... (not that I'm counting)

Hope we make it to school on time Monday. 

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