Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alarm Clocks

I don't have a clock in my room.

In fact, I only have one "clock" in my house.  It's one of those "trendy" "have to have" clocks.  I LOVE the clock in my living room.  It's not a "watch" - it's something that tells time.

Did you know people don't wear watches anymore?  There was an article in some magazine, somewhere that said if you wear a watch, it actually makes you "look older".  Unless, of course, you are a male.  Male's wear watches.

It's their jewelry.

How do you manage without a watch or a clock?  It's funny, I'm NEVER late.  EVER.  (and I actually get annoyed with people whom are late).  There is TIME every where.  On your phone.  People telling you - you have to be some place and you "only have 10 minutes to get there".  The world is organizing you.

Just like those people whom say "I don't need anything else to survive - I live off the land".  Yes, you live off the land because others help you......

It's a group effort around here.

About 6th grade, the boys middle school teachers said to quit waking your child up, let them get up on their own.  I added, you have to wake me up too.  ;-)

We live in a corner house.  I sleep with the windows open year around.  Fresh air.  Always.  The traffic patterns change around 6 am.  ALWAYS.  Your sleep patterns change with the traffic patterns.  I wake up.  I can tell by the light if I can go to sleep or not.  I haven't set an alarm in 15 years.  Unless, of course, if I have a plane to catch.  I'm awake before the alarm goes off.  ALWAYS.  We just need a back-up at times.

Hawaii, I woke up when the roosters told us to wake up. The really funny thing, the room I stayed in didn't have a clock either. There was no timer in the kitchen.  I THINK there was a wall clock in the living room, but after I turned off my computer each day - it didn't really matter.   There is time all around us - we just need to listen.

I moved out of the "married" house in January 2002.  I had a great watch my kids dad gave me.  Suddenly, I couldn't find it.  I thought I had lost it.  In fact, I had lost it. I did find it again - in my gym bag, in a pocket, when I no longer needed it.

When I got divorced, I bought this cheap clock at Target that annoyed me.  Hit the sleep button wrong - and it would play for an hour.  Unless of course you hit the fast forward button at the same moment you are hitting the snooze button....AND THEN, you stop before, blah blah blah.... It makes life hectic.  I made it work.

The clock has been in Duncan's room since 6th grade.  Last night - he had it!!  I thought the house was on fire.  He explodes into the family room talking about how bad the clock is.  The sleep button does NOT work and all the music is Country & Western AND heaven, forbid, you can't hook an IPOD into it.... "MOM, can I get RID of this clock???""

YES, you can.

Just remember, this is a 14 year old male we are dealing with.  When I go to go to bed:  the alarm clock is in the hallway.  I stubbed my toe.  See why I don't like clocks?

Duncan received the alarm clock in 6th grade.  His teachers thought it was time.... ;-)

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