Sunday, August 26, 2012

Olive Juice

Look in the mirror and say the words "Olive Juice".   Then say "vacuum".  (Go ahead - go do it, the blog will still be here). 

Unbeknownst to me, I had no idea what this looked like.  Or what it might have meant. Nolan informed me that he learned this in about, oh, second grade.  (Ok, maybe it was fourth-ish grade)  Doesn't really matter.  I'm very comfortable with my "non-hipness".

BUT, this summer I did learn what those words really mean.

If you say, or look like you are saying "Olive Juice"  it looks like you are saying "I love you".  If you say, or look like you are saying "vacuum", well, it looks like "F**K you". 

The words of the summer were born.  Olive Juice.  Vacuum.  It was quite cute.

Vacuum only got used, when, well, I asked them to vacuum (and the only carpet was in Nolan's ohana) - which always caused laughter.  I love being the brunt of jokes... ;-)

Olive Juice, on the other hand, was used quite often.  What a WONDERFUL way for people whom want to say something, but can't quite do it.

It's hard for most people to express their emotions.  No, I'm not suggesting this replace the words, "I love you", it just might make it easier place to start.

I had teenagers on my hands.  Telling your mom you love her in front of other people can get to be hard.  A teenage girl, whom completely loves you, and doesn't know how to say it, well, it's a perfect way to say it  out loud - and by saying "Olive Juice" not feel like you love anyone else less - you just love this person - ALSO.

Arriving back in the mainland, I had dinner with an old friend.  We were having cocktails - he ordered a vodka soda, I ordered a Dirty Martini.

Mike:  What's in a Dirty Martini?

Me:  Vodka and Olive....... I couldn't talk, I froze  (and I seriously couldn't remember the next word)

Mike:  "Olive Juice?" 

Me:  Yes.  Head nods.  Uh-huh.  Smile.  "Olive Juice"

When I froze, I didn't know why.  I really didn't think about it, (we had trouble getting to dinner, missed locations, etc - so by the time we did order drinks, we were both a bit frazzled).

Then "Olive Juice".  Hey, he said it first!  Then I was smiling.  He wouldn't understand. We both say "Olive Juice".  Maybe he did know.....

Saying good-bye on the island - made it much easier for a teenage girl with tears running down her face, to say "Olive Juice" to two very cute teenage boys and their mom.

We know what it means.

Olive Juice.

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