Friday, August 24, 2012

Expiration Dates and Tattoo's

These words are mutually exclusive. 

The really funny thing:  I had to look up how to spell both the words.  I'm not good with either one.  Expiration Dates nor Tattoos.  Both link to my commitment issues.

In my mind - everything expires.  Even tattoos.

Let's start with expiration dates:

Milk (I don't drink - I don't drink coffee either, but I really like latte's (makes no sense to me either)).  Yogurt.  Cheese.  Eggs.  You can buy these things and they are still good LONG after their "expiration date".  Are expiration dates arbitrary? Is it a date the government (or whatever regulating agency) decides it will no longer protect you?

Think about medicine.  Medicine doesn't expire FOREVER.  Neither do condoms?  Do these things quit working or is that just the moment that the person whom was in charge is no longer responsible for what they said?  I kinda like that theory.

Today - I can say this:  "whatever that may be" and on July 1, 2013 - that thought expires.  WHATEVER that thought might have been. You can hold me responsible for that thought until a certain date.  Maybe we can say something and put on it a disclaimer?  I'm saying this - and this thought expires on such and such date.  Or maybe, it expires tomorrow.  Or yesterday......

Let's take a vote.  If you will allow someone else to "recall their vote" on their thought from yesterday - you can have two recall's.  Fair Deal.  (oh, by the way, this idea expires tomorrow).  ;-)

Both my drivers license and passport expire in June.  This makes me VERY nervous.  I don't say NEVER.  EVER.  NEVER makes you eat those words.  ALWAYS.

I can tell you, I have NEVER had a drivers license expire.  EVER.  And this one???? Its still has my old address on it.  I moved into this house 9 years ago.  I have NEVER had a passport expire.   EVER.   They won't let you leave the country within 6 months of expiration. This will be my third passport.

For years, I've put off getting a new drivers license.  I've put off changing the address.  ALWAYS.  Within a year, I change addresses.  ALWAYS. This time it scares me though.

My friends all say - this time it will be different.  Even though I've lived in the same house for 9 years.  They promise me.... this will be different.   I'm going to hold strong - I'm not moving. The boys have attended the same school for the last 9 years.  It's the longest I've EVER done anything.   Duncan goes to high school - time's are a changing. I pay the mortgage - here..  I LIVE here - my sons live here and so do their friends.  So do people whom needed to come find themselves.  I've just never committed to this house. Well, obviously, I'm committed (another word I had to look up!!), just can't let the rest of the world know I admit it.

My last house?????  I got the drivers license ---- and moved a year later. I was at the last house with the passport too.

Nolan goes to college in 5 years.  I have 5 years.  I have to change my drivers license by next June.  My passport by January.  In other words, I expire in 2 years - with a 6.4 month deadline.  This time, I'm fighting it. I'm here for 5 years.  Help me hang on...

It's impossible said PRIDE
It's risky, said EXPERIENCE
It's pointless said REASON
"Give it a try" - whispered the heart....

I'll have to tell you about the tattoo's later.....

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