Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The land of misfit toys

Ever wanted to be with the "in" group.  You know.  The group that in some fashion makes you feel inadequate about yourself.

Maybe it's human nature.  We all want to belong.  Belong to the group that everyone "likes"  With the "right" group of people.  Only, as we get older - we realize those people aren't any happier than us - it just "appears" that way.  "THEY" look like they have it so EASY.  SO WONDERFUL.  SO MUCH BETTER - than us.  Age happens.  We know.  They don't have it any better than us - it only SEEMS that way.  We actually then know, they might be LESS HAPPY than us.  They are just pretending. 

We have a couple of choices:

Join them.

Be something we aren't.  Or maybe we are.  We can belong to "that" group.  Be something we aren't.  Follow along.


Join the group - or the non-group - of where we don't/do belong..  You know that group.  The group of "rare birds"  - those whom collect other "rare birds".  Those whom understand I may not talk to you for years.  And yes, you may send my best friend a wedding present, because you noticed her update on my "faceook page".  The "I might not call you for a year", but call me, on the side of the road in Chicago, and I won't ask questions.  I'll just come get you.  Because, you get me.

I've fought it my WHOLE life.

Yes, I look the part.  The part of "them".  You know.  I did too.  And I SOOOOOO wanted to be one of them.  And I still look like "them". If you don't know me - you think I belong to 'them".  BUT YOU.  YOU know........

It's the middle of the night - and you are broken down on the side of the road.  In Chicago. You know.  I'll come get you.  MAYBE, you always knew, there was someone to come get you.  You just had to let go......

If you ever watch "Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer", the ones that don't "fit" perfectly are sent to their own island.  They do okay.  They band together and believe in each other.

Be comfortable enough to grab another misfit toy.   Take them with you - or let them take you.....

Maybe it's the living on the island???  

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