Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's what is lacking in the world today.

Not just America.  Being able to take someone at their word.  There is no such thing.

First of all, I was born and raised in Texas.  I may have "grown up" in Colorado, but I was born in Texas.  There are LOTS of things you can say about TEXANS, but I can tell you - when I tell you something - it's coming out as it is.  No sugar-coating.  "You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl".  It truly is a different world.  A good place.

There is much to not like.  Much to like.  When people tell me they miss Texas (we have tons of misplaced Texans here in Colorado), I look at them confused.  Isn't that wonderful???? That's why we live in this incredible country and you can like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for lunch, and I can like Salami & Cheese - and some black olives on the side.....  Because it's OK.  We live in America - you don't have to like what I like.  Just a reminder though, if you are free to dislike what I like...... I can dislike what you like.  Can you handle that?????  Takes a big person to say yes.

Recently, my sons tried out for club hockey.  (Another tangent for another day about club sports, but for now, lets focus!).  Some place at some time - the parents took over.  It's SOOOOO sad.  Yes, every organization is "run" by parents, but hopefully with a "non-partisan" point of view.  We all know it's the parents whom are in charge.  (BTW, my kids both made teams and here in Colorado, on the club level, there are kids that don't make teams).

This really sucks.

What are we teaching our kids?  We are teaching our kids to play the political game.  Nice.  At least we are preparing future politicians for a career.  Suck up - and you can get what you want.

I wonder if the kids know?  Only the kids whose parents don't play the game - they get cut, or stuck on a lower level team.  So, so sad.....

A good friend of mine is a head coach at a local high school for a varsity sport.  About 10 years ago, he cut a kid whose dad had built a website for the high school team.  We then got into an argument if he would be able to cut Duncan from a team.  He said he wouldn't even blink and cut Duncan.  I told him (in my all knowing way) "there is no way you would cut Duncan".  He was consistent in his reply:  "There is no integrity to the program if I don't cut the weak players".  (side note:  They have won the state championship in that sport 9 out of the last 10 years - since he took over).

Ryan Lochte's (our latest hot Olympian swimmer) father sent him to the shower for YEARS, because he wasn't focused. He said Ryan spent more time in the showers than the pool.  If you aren't going to focus, get out of the pool.  He was 14/16 when he finally made up his mind he was tired of losing.

THANK YOU MR. LOCHTE for having some integrity.

For the rest of you:   This is NOT your moment.  This is your child's moment.  AND the MOMENT  you let go - if they were meant to make it happen, well, then they will. 

Make them fight.  Help teach them to fight for what THEY want.  Not what you want for them.  It takes a bigger person to let go than hang on to something that isn't right.  Back out.

They will figure it out....

If THEY want it.

If YOU have the integrity to let it happen.

By the way,  my conversation for years:

Random Person:  "Where are you from?"

Me:  "I live in Denver, but was born in Texas"

RP:  "What brought you to Colorado?"

Me:  "I met a really cute guy and moved to a ski resort.  He worked there."

RP:  "You don't have an accent"

Me:  "You are right.  I left my hot rollers, my accent and I got the HELL out of there"....... ;-)

RP:  Hot rollers?  Really?

Me:  Lip bite. Head Nod. Smile. Wink. 

All smile now.... ;-)

PS.  That was 20 years ago. 

PSS.  She's thinking she might need some hot rollers..... because, well, she wants some.....

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