Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Locker Room Ladies

I work out at a club.  It's not a country club.  It's a workout club.  It's not 24 hour fitness.  It's not a "gym".  Well, really it is.

There are exercise machines.  Fitness classes.  Mind/Body (stretching, yoga, Pilates) classes.  There are men.  Women.  Young.  Old.  Middle aged.  Only it's not a "top of the line fitness facility" - only it's nicer than a "gym.

There are towels for you in the locker room.  The lockers lock, and you just have to slide in your membership card.    An indoor pool.  An outdoor lap pool and recreational pool, whirlpool.  Racquet and handball courts too.

In the locker room, there is also a steam room, a sauna and a whirlpool.  (One in each the men's and women's). There is shampoo, conditioner, body wash, combs, hair spray, lotion, deodorant, tissues, hair dryers and curling irons. Oh, then there is a "family" locker room.  The family locker room is where those with children under the age of 13 are banished - unless your kids are in the "Kids club".

Yes, it a little pretentious.  I've tried other clubs.  One is closer - same price.  The gyms - I just can't do.  Part of my whole "workout" is my "comfort" level.  I don't need showy things, I just like nice things. 

Truth is the classes are better at this club than others.

I like to think of my life as "just outside the A group".  No need to be on the "A List".  Too much trouble.  My club is that way.  Just outside the A group.

As with all things though, there are groups within the groups.

9:00AM classes - I refer to these classes as the "skinny mean girl classes".  Except for the pregnant woman there is Power Sculpt today, well, I was the heaviest person in the class.  The class is not welcoming.  It is cut-throat and all the women look anorexic.  It's an awesome class.  The Body Pump class the other two days a week at the same time, well is the same group of women.

However, not everyone at the club is this way.  There are also the "Locker Room Ladies".

This would be my group.  We are definitely not all anorexic looking.  Although two of my dear friends from the locker room do have bodies to die for - curvy, fit, athletic.  I have older friends, younger friends.  Married.  Kids.  No Kids.  Grand kids.  Husbands.  No husbands.

I left this club for a year.  I tried another club.  It's closer.  Same price.  Same amenities.  I hated that place.  I arrived back at my old club:  literally:  the phrase was "where have you been".  You see, I'm friends with the ladies and they know tons about me and a few are friends on facebook, but really, we are locker room friends.

My two friends with the great bodies and I chat.  No non-sense - after all, we all three work, we are in there to work-out, visit, but no chit chat.  (and if I'm going to be really honest, sometimes I just go steam and get dressed).  Tell me what's going on:

In:  So, what's going on with your social life?  You still seeing that guy??

Me:  Yes, I guess we've been seeing each other for a bit now.

In:  You mean, you are dating.

Me:  No.  Remember, I have commitment issues.  I'm seeing him.

In comes, Th

In:  Hey, L is seeing someone

Th:  Dear God, please tell me he's over the age of 30.

Me:  Actually, he's age appropriate.

Th:  What???

Me:  And he's hot.  He looks like Bradley Cooper and it's been fun.

Th:  So, do tell......

Me:  He also does this CrossFit class - he goes three times a week.  He's got an incredible body.

In:  That's why we have seeing her more lately.

Th:  Oh....   Now I know why.... I've got your number lady.......

I needed a new goal.  This is actually a healthy one.  As I sit here with my beer - I only went to one workout class today.

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