Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pregnant & Cheating

I received a "Spam" e-mail this week from the house owners in Hawaii.  The original trade house, not Joe's house.  From here on out the first house will be referred to as "the house owners".  The second summer house will be "Joe's house". 

There were only 10 of us whom received the "link to riches".  I let her know she had been "attacked".  We caught up via e-mail - she sent a really nice e-mail to all of us whom had received her "spam".  She thought it was the universe's way of telling her she needed to reach out to some people.  Made me smile.

They are doing well.  They are trading the house over the Christmas holiday's for a couple of weeks in  NYC.  Their son and daughter-in-law live in NYC.  I've heard it's beautiful in NYC over the holidays. I knew they were thinking of doing this.  She said she hopes these "traders" are as great as us and the boys. 

I'm not really the jealous type, just more of the possessive type.  What?  You are trading my house?  Yes, I do realize it's really your house. Yes, I realize I let someone else come live in your house here in Denver this summer, but really?  You are going to cheat on me and let someone else live in our house???? I should have known.  If you would trade with me, OF COURSE, I'm not the only one out there willing to trade.  I'll get over my jealously.  I'll forgive you that you are cheating.  Secretly hoping the whole time, you really will like us better. 

THEN, just when I was about to want to break up with you forever Hawaii house owners, you went and saved the best for last.

The daughter whom had the wedding.  Whom caused the house swap in the first place.  Well, she's having a baby next spring.  The boys had wanted her to have a baby "every summer" so we could keep going back. 

I told her, NEVER in the history of the universe (and I could state this with certainty) that no two boys will have EVER been so excited to hear someone was pregnant.

There are no plans yet for next summer.  Get through Christmas first.  Of course, Joe's house hasn't sold yet.  They can go cheat on us..... 

Who knows, we might have two houses to watch next summer......

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming birth! I have no doubt it will all work out for you and your boys - not to mention the grandparents, parents, and new baby!