Saturday, September 8, 2012


Go write down 10 things you like today.  I mean REALLY, REALLY like.

I'll go first.  Let's see if I can even come up with then things I like - and think I will like forever:

1)  My sons  (but 20 years ago, I didn't have sons - so this list would be different)
2)  My best friend Carolyn.  She was my best friend 20 years ago.  20 years from now too.
3)  Tomatoes (I don't like them in the winter though - they have no flavor)

4)  Swimming
5)  To be outside
6)  Sunsets  (always)
7)  Riding my bike
8)  Wine
9)  Chips and salsa
10)  The back side of Vail

Next lesson.

What do you like today that you liked 10 years ago.  Heck, even FIVE years ago.

Make your list.

That's a harder one isn't it?

What do you like today, that you liked when you were 5?

This is a very silly example, but today I like to eat eggs for breakfast.

As a child, I loved to eat eggs.  Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, deviled eggs.  Yum.  At 5, YUM!  Then, and I'm not sure what happened or when, but I didn't like eggs anymore.  In fact, the smell of them would nauseate me.  I didn't like eggs.  Oh, for at least 20 years.  Now, slowly and surely, I like eggs again. I'm still very particular about my eggs, but I will eat them again.  And actually do like them.  I just don't "like them, like them". 

Someone told me a few years ago it had something to do with hormones and me producing eggs myself.  So, I guess maybe I don't have any eggs left in me...

Eggs are my example, but we all have those examples.  What do you like today that you liked 5 years ago?

It's a tough one. Not for only me either.  So, WHY OH WHY, would you put something on your body PERMANENTLY?

My friend Ed has his last name tattooed on his back.  That makes sense - that's not changing.  We all joke it's really because when he passes out someone will at least know his name. ;-)  (Maybe he should tattoo Richie's phone number in case of emergency!) :-)  Missy - the Olympic rings.  I get it.  As Nolan says; "What if I had the Ironman Tattoo when I do mine?".  Well, you earned that one.... You are also over 18......

I just don't GET tattoo's.  That's just me.  It's okay.

I thought I wanted one years ago.  I wanted the "sun" above my ankle bone on my right leg.  I wanted to own a bike shop in San Diego and name it "Sunshine Rentals".  That was a lifetime ago.

Granted, I do have commitment issues - at least long term permanent ones.  Because today, I might like it.  Tomorrow I might not. Where did we come up with idea we have to like something FOREVER????

There was another tattoo I always wanted.  I did want the "sun"  The sunshine outline.  The rays of the sun and a circle.  I wanted the blue/black in.  No colors.  None of that stuff.

I view tattoo's as a personal thing.  You don't get one for someone else.  Just for yourself.

And if I "caught the sun" where would I put it????  A place where it wasn't obvious.  Not a personal place.  A place hidden.  Yet, in plain sight.

 I would have put it on the bottom of my foot.

On each foot, I have a freckle.  In the same spot on each foot.  When you can see the one of the right foot is visible, you can't see the one on my left foot.  Vice verse.  (one fades, the other one comes out).

This summer, I fell off a board AGAIN.  Cut my foot open.

I have scar on the bottom of my right foot.  Ironically enough, it looks like the line for the Hawaiian islands.  My right foot.  As I joke, the scar on my sole...  Or was was that soul????

Someone thought I finally needed that tattoo on the bottom of my foot.....

Patience my friend.  Patience.....

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  1. About the eggs... I remember Granny telling me, when you would spend the night, she would ask you how you wanted your eggs. You would respond, "In a cake."

    Does Granny know you'll eat eggs now?