Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have an accountability partner.

We are both self-employed.  Originally, we met once a week.  There is a spreadsheet with what we need to accomplish by our next meeting.  For over 3 years, we met once a week.  Yes, we would cancel.  Yes, we postpone.  Then of course, I went to Hawaii for a month. 

How hard is being accountable?  Actually, harder than you would think.

It does not matter to anyone if I close a deal or not.  It only really matter because I have to pay my bills.  Believe it or not, that's just not enough motivation.  It is work.  It is a job.  I have to do it.

Our spreadsheet has personal goals and work goals.  We review what we did.  What we are going to do before the next  meeting.  You are allowed to move something to the following week.  Or even set the goal stating something will be accomplished in a month.  Only you can only move it once.  If you want to move it again, there is a reason you aren't doing it.  What can we change about it?

I make lists for myself all the time.  They don't always get done.  It doesn't matter.  When I have someone to report back to, I get it done.  Or we figure out why we don't get it done.

Upon returning from Hawaii this year, we never started back up.  We both took breaks.  We've both just been working.  Surviving not thriving.  Our meetings help us thrive.

Plus, I miss Michele.  We were both much more productive when we meet.

We meet again starting this Wednesday.  The first time we met to start our "Accountability Meetings",  well, the goal was to to get there.  Step One.

This time we know we can get there.  We have to come with a starting point for 2013.  Our goals for the year.  It's up to each of us to help the other achieve those goals. 

I better get busy - I don't have my list ready.  Hard to accomplish something if you don't know what it is.

PS.  - I read a blog and I love what she wrote about 2012+1......  the year of The Library  Although, I'll spend it in the library in Kona.

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