Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking for a dog

My grandfather passed away yesterday.  He was 86 years old.  In a way, I guess I thought he was immortal.  I mean, I'm 43.  People all the time would say "YOUR" grandparents?  My kids have lots of grandparents.  Me, "Yes, they are MY Grandparents"

Not sure I'm ready for this.  We leave for Texas tomorrow.  He wouldn't like all this fuss.  My Granny, she will like all this fuss.

So, the boys and I leave to go to a place I've always gone.  My whole life. 

I call my Granny this morning to see how she is doing.  The first thing she says to me "When you are here, I want you to help me find a dog".  Okay, Granny, whatever you want.  I understand why.  She's been married for 65 years.  She's never had to live alone.

I don't think a dog is good idea.  At least not right now, but I'm here to help.  It's gotta be a special dog.  While contemplating this all day, while pretending to work, booking airfares, laughing and crying with the memories of my Papo, I've been thinking about how to accomplish this.  How else?  A list.  Then craigslist. 

Here's my ad:

Older woman seeking a companion:

Must be housebroken and not too much drool.
Must be very special.   For a special lady.  My grandfather recently passed away and my grandmother would like a companion.
Prefer mature. Young and needy will just not work. 
Not too big (less than 40 pounds)
Not too small (don't want her to trip over him/her)
Mixed breeds are okay 
Recent heartbreaks are okay too.  Maybe your person died.  Or moved.  No judgement here.
No diggers.  No escape artists.  No biting.  No chewers.  Loyal.
Must like Judge Judy.  Must be willing to sit on the back porch and have coffee every evening - and early mornings in the summer before it's too hot.
Not too fussy about your meals - although I have a feeling you will eat simple foods over bagged food.
Must be a great listener - Granny loves to tell stories.
You might have to play dress up on occasion.
Willing to tell Granny you like her paintings - or how she could make them better.  She really will value your opinion.
Understand that nap times are valuable.
So is dancing in the living room
She gives great foot rubs - her great-grandsons say they are the best.
Must REALLY miss her when she goes on her social outings (not to worry, she doesn't stay out late). However, you must be content staying home.
She does like to shop, so you might become a little spoiled with new things.  Only don't get too stingy, she still has us kids/grand kids/great-grand kids to spoil.
If we could teach you to play domino's, that would be a bonus.  Or at least just not chew on the domino's.
Send us a picture - although we love all shapes and colors.
Willing to wait for the right one. 
Have your human, tell us why you are ready to love our Granny as much as she will always love our Papo.

In exchange, you will also get all of the above.

We might not find one this weekend, but the right one will find us.  I do hope people will understand I want to find my Granny a dog.....

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