Monday, January 14, 2013


Airline fares are actually more fickle than me.

I'm an airfare junkie.  Where can I go?  How cheaply can I get there?  Can I get there cheaper?  Seriously.  Is there an addiction group out there for airfare junkies?  I seriously check airfares on a daily basis.

Only lately, I haven't checked them at all.  Money has been tight.  I need to ignore my addiction.  I can still belong to the club.  Still drink wine.  Just not allowed to look at airfare sights. Who knew?  Who knew that THIS would be my addiction.

Is it sorta gambling?  Risk taking?  Without having to actually take a risk?  Goes to me having commitment issues.  I'm not spending any money.  It's not illegal.  In fact, it's not even immoral.  It's just a habit.

Every morning, I check fares.  It does play to my favor.  I went to Dallas in October - $109 round-trip.  Seriously.

Airfares to Kona?  Today, they went up.  The first time we went - I paid $600 for me.  $450 for the boys.  I thought that was an AWESOME deal.

Today? $900.  Last summer?  $1200.  I used miles last summer.  Next summer?  $900.  Our flight home last summer was empty.  Economics.  I guess once you make the bottom line, it actually costs you more to take more people.

My thoughts:  The first summer:  Everything was supposed to happen.  And, it did.  So much went into getting us all to the same place at the same time.  I SO believe this.  It was SO darn cheap (relatively)

As the boys said to me "Mom, you do realize this story has nothing to do with anything but us meeting Lily, don't you?  That's what this story is really about".  (meaning the boys and Lily. Not me)

Okay, if you say so.  Now, we have to play the airfare games.  One airfare at a time.  Getting us to the place we need to be.

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