Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facing West

"Don't buy a house facing West."

My great Uncle told my cousin - when she moved to Denver, "Whatever you do, don't live in a place facing West".

She bought that condo.  Facing West.  I never saw that condo.  All I remember is that she said she couldn't help it.  She had to face West.  The view was too perfect.

I've owned three houses.  Four.  If you count the one house I bought twice.  They have all been within walking distance to a hospital.  All, yes, you guessed it facing West.  All of them.  "Whatever you do, don't buy a place facing West".  Ah.... 

Facing the sunset. Our place in Hawaii doesn't face West.  Although, if I could design a lanai, with a sunset view, this would be the one.  The house doesn't face West.  The people do.

I don't know why I remember her telling me he said that.  It just stuck out in my mind.  It really would be better if someone just told me to go do something.  Instead, they tell me not to do something, then I go do it.  If God had just told Adam, "Whatever you do, listen to the snake."  The rest of us wouldn't have wanted to prove you wrong.....

So, it's January.  It's 60 degrees.  I'm sitting on my front porch.  Facing West.  Every time we drive back from Salt Lake City - we are driving East.  We are much happier driving West.  I don't like the sunset in my rear view mirror.  I like facing it.  I like chasing sunsets.......I get why you had to buy the place facing West.  Sunsets are spectacular!

Maybe, just one more?  Sunset that is?? ;-)

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