Saturday, January 19, 2013

Under different circumstances

Ever met someone you don't like?

You "get off on the wrong foot" with this person.  You just don't click.  You were in a bad mood that day.  Maybe they were in a bad mood that day.  Whatever the reason, you just don't like each other.

We don't have to like everyone.  We should all just be nice to everyone.

I really do like people.  All people.  All shapes and sizes:  young and old  (although my patience with the extremities of those age groups, well, could be better).  Sometimes, though, it's okay if you don't get along with someone.  You don't need to be friends.  Just be nice.  Understand we all different interests.


We might actually have the same interests.  We might love the same kids.  Love the same man.  Have the same passions. We don't "click", but I bet we have a lot in common.  Jealously is a powerful controller of attitude.

What if we had the chance to meet that person again?   When things were different?  We are more mature.   The geek gets the jock.  The person is whom was married when you met them, is now single?  You get a do-over?  Can you really start over? Try again? 

One of my closest friends, we didn't like each other when we met.  We met in college.  We only met once.  It was a disaster.  Honestly, I can say that is not usually the case with the people I meet.  We did run into each other a few months later.  It didn't go any better.

The memory of our meeting had long faded.  In fact, probably would have never thought about the meeting again. Except I have a scar on my chin from the night we had met in college.

Back story:  The story isn't really exciting, the scar makes it sound exciting.  Basically, I was in the car with four girls, and when I went to get out of the back seat of her car, my foot caught on the drivers side seat belt (back when they weren't attached to the wall) and my chin ate it into the pavement.  Ouch.  There were no stitches.  I couldn't have even told you her name. 

Nine or so years after that first meeting:

I'm at the Denver International Airport with my then 4 month old son to pick up Carolyn.  I know most people don't like babies around (think fussy), so I looked around.  I found a woman with an infant.  I sat next to her.  She was waiting for her parents to arrive on the same plane. 

Yes, the same woman I had gone to college with.  Living in Denver. The one whom I didn't like.  She didn't like me either. Only, it took us about 6 months to realize we had met.  Then not only had we met each other, we had to remember we didn't like each other.  Ha.

Duncan was 4 months old.  Mason (her son) was 6 months old.  The boys are 15 now.  She moved back to Houston several years ago.  We talk every day.  I can't imagine my life without her.

We met under different circumstances.

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