Sunday, March 17, 2013


There are different levels of goodness. Good deeds.  Random acts of Kindness.  Saying thank you.  Sending out happy thoughts. 

There are different levels of badness.  Lying. Murder.  Stealing.  Cheating.

Are there different degrees within each?  Maybe it's just a "little white lie".  A lie to spare someone's feelings.  A thank you that you don't really mean, but you say it anyway. 

The boys and I got into this discussion about cheating and lying.  We all know both are wrong.  It's brutally honest around here.  Almost to a fault.  The truth is spoken in this house.  This could be a conversation:   "Will you tell her, you just want some time with your boys, without anyone else around?".  "No".  "You tell her, you don't want her to go".  The truth will also set you free.

BUT, what about the little cheats?
  • The letting your son whom won't finish his drivers' ed class, drive around the neighborhood with you in the car.
  • Being late to school, well, cause sometimes you just need to be late.  Do we always need a reason?  Can't we just say, "I needed a few extra minutes to myself this morning?"  Yet your mom will tell the school you had an appointment. - I guess that goes in the lie department.
  • Someone giving you the wrong change back, but you buy someone else a surprise with the extra money?
  • Pretending you really didn't eat that extra handful of chips.
  • Seeing an old friend for lunch.  Knowing that his wife wouldn't approve, but it's just lunch.  Is that cheating?
 They are lines in the sand.  There is also a lot of grey.  Maybe.

What really started this conversation?

I have a heated "protection pad" on my bed in the winter.  I "turn the bed on" while I'm getting ready for bed.  They bed is nice and toasty when I get in.  I sleep with the window open year round, but like lots of covers and warmth when I get into bed.  It's turned off when I get in - otherwise, I would get too hot.  The boys tell me, I'm cheating!!  You are supposed to get in a cold bed.  It will warm up, I just have to wait a couple of moments.  Of course, in the winter, we all have down comforters, plus regular comforters on the beds (I tend to keep the house a little cool).  Am I cheating, or just making my self a little more comfortable before I deserve it?

In my brightly colored world, there isn't much grey.  It's more like light blue.....

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