Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have one key on my key ring.  It's a car key and the remote to open the car.

House keys?  Don't have any.  The house is kept locked up.  I just enter through the garage.  In the car or there is a remote pad, if I'm not in my car.  There is a hide a key in case the remote isn't working.  Although, I've never had to use the hide a key.  Not sure I still know where it is hidden.

Office keys?  Nope.  I work from home.  Or a hotel room.  Or someone else's house.  No keys to anything but my car.

Two years ago, when we were getting ready for our first visit to Hawaii, I pulled out the house keys (that were in the kitchen drawer) for the people staying at our house.  Maybe they would like to actually use the front door.  The boys response, "We have keys to the house?".  They enter from the garage too.

The company I owned - I had keys then.  I had an office.  It was a warehouse building.  I sold the company six years ago.  For the last six years, I've just one key.

That all changed on Friday.  My "part-time" job - we are moving into a warehouse.  I found the warehouse.  It's been remodeled.  I have three keys - one to my office.  One to the warehouse.  One to the owners office.   My key ring now has four keys on it.  My key ring "jingles". 

I asked the owner if this was "getting serious" - he smiled.  You are giving me a key - that's asking a lot of a girl.  Sounds like a commitment to me.

The jingle actually makes me smile.  And I just finished a book called "The Peach Keeper" - I finished it yesterday too.  There is a quote from it "You know that old superstition, don't you, the one that says when you hear a bell ring, good fortune is pouring down?  It means you should cup your hands out and catch it".

In my mind, my keys count as a "ring".  My hands are out.

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