Monday, March 4, 2013

The Ants are mocking us

We have ants.  The little sugar ant kind.  Not the fire ants.  Not the mean ones.

We have the hard working.  Never tiring.  Never ending ants.  They are in the kitchen.  They are in the family room.  My guess is they are in the crawl space too. 

Every spring we usually get ants.  The fall, we get spiders.  All very harmless.  All very annoying.

The cat will eat the spiders in the fall.  They are little spiders - they just decided oh mid September, they would rather live inside.  USUALLY, the ants come indoors mid April.  They've been here for about a month now.

Usual remedy:  Spray apple cider vinegar along the baseboards in the kitchen.  Vacuum them up.  Place those little plastic "ant motels" down.  Put the "Seven's dust" outside along the edge of the house - then they are gone in about a week. 

This year?  They are not giving up.  They will not go away.  They will not die. They like cat food. I can put the cat's food bowl in the sink, fill it with water.  Next thing I know, the ants are all over the sink.  Maybe it's like antibiotics for ants - we've just made them stronger. 

Honestly, I'm quite impressed with these ants.  I've found morsels of cat food in a corner UNDER the ant motel.  At least they know where to hide.  Man, truly we should all be ants.  They work hard.  They are on a mission.

For a day or two, they let us think they are gone.  Then we wake up and there they are laughing at us in the kitchen.

We will try again tomorrow.  Ants have determination.  Wonder if they have dreams?

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