Saturday, March 9, 2013


Love isn't always romance.  You love your relatives, friends, pets.  You love doing things.  Love also means romance.

Sometimes love though doesn't sound like love, but it's love even more.

Our neighbor in Hawaii has sold his house.  (The house we stayed in last summer).  He's moving back to the mainland.  Sedona for now.  We will see where he ends up.  He keeps saying Florida.  This move has caused quite the panic in Duncan.  My romantic, dreamer child.  "What about the white pineapple I planted?"  "Can he move it next door?"

What about our boogie boards?
What about the snorkel equipment?
We won't have a dog to take to the beach!
What will I do without Joe to give me a hard time!
Now that he will be in the mainland, will he come visit us?

I call Joe.  He doesn't answer, so I leave a rambling message asking all the questions.  Now remember, Joe is ornery, and that is how he shows his love.  He loves us in a way words can't explain.  His actions can explain it.  I mean, how many people give you their house in Hawaii for a summer?

His return phone call answers:

You will have to ask the Quinns (the Hawaii house owners) if they mind if the boogie boards are there.  (In the meantime, he has already dropped them off for the boys for the summer).
The snorkel equipment was trashed, I threw it away.
Oh, and they only allow residents to be in the Lifeguard training, so I went and blackballed Duncan so he can't compete this summer.  That is my parting gift to Duncan.
I can't remember the last question, but the answer is NO.  Well, maybe, tell me which airport is closest to fly my plane.....

I know it's hard to really see how funny his reply is because we know, how much love there really is, this is just how he shows it.  

While in California a few weeks ago I was with a dear friend.  We've been friends for over 20 years now.  I was so crazy for him many years ago.   So glad we have the friendship we do.  Duncan ADORES him - in that man-crush kind of way.  He loves my boys too.   He's the crazy Uncle that everyone needs.

We were sitting on the couch, in between the eight hockey games we attended that weekend watching a movie.  All of a sudden, I jerked around really fast.  He says, "what's wrong".  I said, "I was about to sneeze and I was going to sneeze all over you.".  He replied, "Oh, you could have sneezed on me - I clean up."  I laughed and replied, "Now, that's true love".  "Yes" he replied, "it is".

Not an ounce of romance in these two stories. Just lots of love......

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