Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I don't really like to drive.  I live confined within a 6 mile radius.  My life is just fine within this radius.  I don't understand it when people commute 40 or so minutes to work every day.  That's almost two hours in the car - round-trip! LOTS of people commute, every single day.

Just not my thing.  I would be the PERFECT person, to live in a little village, owning a scooter and a bike.  You know, the kind with a basket on the front (yes, both the scooter and the bike) with fresh flowers and food in the basket. 

Road trips.  Road trips are good for about 6 hours.  I can make it seven or eight.  Anything more than that, well, I'd rather fly.  I've done all this.  Well, if it's over 8 hours, I guess I could ride a bus or a train, but I don't want to drive.

I'm a HORRIBLE parallel Parker.  Once upon a time, I owned a Mazda Miata.  I could park that thing anywhere.  Any place.  After that - well, not so much.  Side note, I drive one in Hawaii - I can still park that thing.  Although, the guy I'm working with?  He owns this truck - I'm determined to learn to parallel park it.  If I can park that, I can park anything.  I've only driven it once.

Which brings me to my oldest son receiving his learners permit on Friday.  I've determined it would just be better if I shut-up and shut my eyes.  If he's going to wreck, well, he's going to wreck.  Actually, he's not going to wreck, he's going to side-swipe a car.  I'm just closing my eyes.

Yelling at him - scratch that - I'm not a yeller.  Besides it's not going to help.  It's just making me nervous.  It's making me want more wine. 

Granted, he could have received his permit 6 months ago.  He finally made up his mind.  He completed the online written portion last week.  He now has his permit.  He hasn't been in a hurry.  Everything, so far, I'm fine with.  In fact, as much as I'm ready for him to drive himself places, if he's not comfortable, well, I'm not pushing him.  I get it.  I don't like to drive either.  I like my bike.

For now, I just close my eyes.  Hold my breath.  Drink more wine (outside of the car.  Although, I'm thinking a wine bottle in the car would be great!).  And hold on.  After all, I've always been about the ride.  And usually, the ride has nothing to do with driving.

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