Saturday, May 18, 2013

The story of us

My name is Harper, I'm 32.  I'm married and have two young kids.  My best friend, her name is Carson.  She's getting divorced this summer.  You really shouldn't be jealous when your best friend gets divorced.

That's the first paragraph of my book.  Only, it's not really a paragraph.  Just a couple of sentences.  It really doesn't tell you anything.  It's not supposed too.  The point is to make you want to read more.

If I read the first two lines above, I would want to keep reading.  If you haven't read "The Glass Castle", by Jeanette Walls, you should.  The first page of this book, made me want to keep reading.  It started out with a woman in a limo looking out the window watching a homeless woman digging through the trash.  Only, it took a few minutes for her to realize it was her mother digging through the trash (the rest you have to read..)  The story brought you in, and told you their story.  Even though it was non-fiction, it was their story.

Which brings me to the story of us.  Which story you ask?  Where do I even begin? Which one?  The one of my elementary school friend whom I still keep in touch with? Whom runs snow cone stands in Texas.  By the way, we didn't like each other in 5th grade.  Good thing we got over that.  I couldn't have asked for a better friend to help me with my grand-father's funeral.  She was there for all of it.

Were you talking about the story of me and my kids?  Isn't that what this blog was supposed to be about?  The adventures of me and my sons.  The journeys.  The adventures.  The highs and the lows. 

Were you talking about the story of::

  • How I met an incredible running buddy from a Craigslist ad. Wait make that two running buddies.  And our friendship
  • How I swapped my house in Denver for one half way across the world?
  • A summer romance.  Learning that hearts still ache, no matter how old you are.   Or how many times it's been broken.  
  • Letting time heal everything.  Everything.  
  • Carson and Harper have their first beer together.  Forging a friendship that would last through it all.
  • A children's romance.  You know, the type where you just write in the sand that persons name.
  • Meeting a random stranger at the airport.  Then knowing you couldn't live without this person.
  • Letting go.  Make that holding on.  Not knowing if it would be better to hold on or let go.
  • On and on and on.
Peter Pan came to visit last weekend. Only, he didn't come to visit me.  He wanted to visit.  I gave him times.  Opportunities.  Chances.

For whatever reason, this is how we work out. Almost there.  Not really.  Can't let you go.  Yet can't hang on. Were you talking about the story of you and me?  You know the story.  They always end the same.

It's been along time since we weren't nice to each other.  I was busy.  There were many things going on  We were both busy. He didn't make the time either.  I wasn't a priority in his life.  We didn't get to see each other.  When it was safe, he sent me a text "I'm sorry it didn't work out"

I replied: "I guess that's just our story" 

It is the story of us.


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