Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hope can be a bitch.  She's evil.  She will convince you - even when you KNOW better - that there "might be a chance".  No matter what the situation.

If you ever watched "Two and a Half A Men", she is the character "Rose".  She is charming.  She's funny.  She's a stalker.  She's fun.  You want to be friends with her.  At least for a few minutes, then you realize you are slipping into a vortex.  The only problem is you don't WANT to leave.  For all the reasons above. You want to be with the fun, charming, adventurous one.  And she's a little crazy.  Even for your standards.

But Hope makes friends with you.  You just can't help it.  Why wouldn't you be friends with her?  Only she reels you in and tells you everything will work out just like you "hoped" it would.  And you believe it.  Then when you are so mad at yourself, you try and end the friendship.  Only you try to be mad at her, only it's YOU that upsets you.  YOU come to terms with your friendship with Hope.  It calms down.  You realize you are "occasional" friends.  It's okay, because you both understand your friendship.  It's all good.

Then she introduces you to her cousins:  Potential, Wish, Want, Would Like.  See, all the "thoughts" are the same - "I wish I was thinner.  He has the potential to be better.  I want to be thinner.  I would like to travel". And instead of concentrating on what we do have in this world, we focus on Hope and her cousins.  Why wouldn't we?  They will come around.  We KNOW it.  They are our friends.

But see, Hope and her cousins have a secret.  They won't ever tell you what I'm about to tell you.  It's the real secret.  They keep "their secret" a secret.  Hope has a twin.  Only Hope is the evil twin.

Faith is Hope's twin. 

Faith has been large and small.  She understands her size fluctuates.  Faith doesn't want to be your friend.  She understands you don't talk to her for a while.  She's a bit of a recluse.  She's okay with that.  She's loyal.  She doesn't even need you to say thank you.  She just wants you to remember, when her sister Hope has beat you up and down, well, she will still be there.

We so want to rush things, so we turn to Hope, Wish, Want, Potential and Would Like.  Forgetting all the time, we are friends with Faith and her friend Believe.

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