Friday, May 31, 2013


For the alarm setters of the world, I've determined there are two types of people:

Those whom set an alarm for a certain time, when the alarm goes off, they wake up
 Those whom set an alarm for an early time, so they can "snooze" their time away until they wake up.

Which type are you?

I'm a recovering snoozer.  I was a snoozer once upon a time.    I remember my dad had this clock on his bedside table.  It was gold, round, battery operated.  It had this tiny little button that turned the alarm off.  There was no "snooze" option. I SO remember asking him how he didn't fall back asleep.  He answered, "you just wake up".  This made NO sense to me.  No sense at all. For years. I was young when I discovered this (elementary school age).

Yes, I set an alarm for years.  I was scheduled.  Programmed.  Reactive.  Reactive to society. Reactive to the way you are supposed to live your life.  Alarm goes off, hit the snooze.  Sleep another ten minutes.  Then get up.

Then the logical Leasa somehow woke up.  Literally.   

Now?  I don't even have a clock in my room, much less an alarm. I'm a recovering alarm clock addict! 

For some reason, I just wake up.  Granted, we have a corner house.  There is a window open year round.  I think it's the traffic patterns.  Yes, I do set my phone alarm - if I HAVE to be some place.  Otherwise, I just seem to get there.  On time. Truly though, I'm always laying there in bed when the "phone rings"

Duncan, Carolyn and Joellen are all "snoozers".  Really?  Just set your alarm for 30 minutes later, then you can enjoy those 30 minutes. No.  Oh, no.  They love their snooze button.  Joellen snoozes for at least an HOUR.  Seriously?

I get why we are all friends.  Still not sure how Duncan is my son.  I get up, get the world running - they need their rest, they then have to spend the rest of the day keeping up with me.

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