Sunday, August 4, 2013


It finally happened.  Civilization truly declined this week.

You see, I'm part Martha Stewart.  I like my crafts.  I like my "hobbies" and I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  I also understand that this Martha person needs to go away and let the gypsy girl run free.

I met some people this week whom are more gypsy than me.  A young couple I met on the beach Friday.  We ran into them again today.  They moved to the big island four months ago, but it's not working for them.  They were camping - she was trying to get a yoga following.  Her husband, a personal trainer, was trying to get business going.  It wasn't meant to be here.  Their last few days, they have rented a car (they are now sleeping in their car) and leaving next week.  Originally, they are from Oregon, but not sure where they will travel next.  We spoke of Colorado.  They might try it there.

I'm not THAT much of a gypsy.  More just of a free spirit.

And this last week, the gypsy has been in charge.

We made it to the beach twice this week with only one towel.  I remembered to bring mine, the boys did not.  I didn't think to remind them, I thought they would have figured it out by now.  We made it to a beach the other day - and I wasn't entirely sure I had my swim suit packed.  As we had been paddling, and I put dry clothes on before we left the house.  I did end up having a suit with me, but the top and the bottom didn't match.  Although, that is now the style.  Lily's dad brought us a Costco pizza later in the day.

Today though, I hit an all time best.  I nearly left the kids at the beach.  Well, actually, I did leave the kids at the beach.  It was the end of the day.  We had joined a picnic of a local family.  School starts tomorrow here on the island.  Everyone was soaking up the last moment of summer.  For whatever reason, we decide that I'm going to go get the car (across the street) and pull into the parking lot to load up the chairs and boards. We no longer have the cooler with us.  There are no towels to carry, but I guess we still thought this made sense.

I say good-bye to the lifeguard whom had rescued me the last two summers.  Plus good-bye to another lifeguard we adore.  I get to the car and I'm so lost in thought about leaving, I leave.  I'm thinking about Duncan wanting to say good-bye to the lifeguard instructor, I'm driving to that beach.  I suddenly realize I don't have the boys with me to say good-bye to Ricky the lifeguard.  I was only just past the parking lot when I realized I was alone.

Once again, and for the first time this trip, I made a U-turn.  Taking me back to the beach that taught me so much.  The beach filled with summer memories.  Filled with winter memories too - as it was here where I saw my first whale.  It was at this beach that I was able to see truth, jealousy and magic.  How could I just drive on by?

When I pulled up I was laughing so hard, I was crying.  The boys saw me drive by.  "Did you forget us??".  And really, I didn't forget them, I just couldn't believe they weren't physically with me.  They will always be with me.  So will the memories of the summer.  So will the magic.

Civilizations decline.  People come and go.  Laughter and tears continue. Memories forever.


  1. Just read this to Granny... we are both laughing, and feel your memories filling your heart. Granny did mention how she just might not need to go next summer because you may leave her!

    1. I would never leave Granny. Unless, of course, I forgot her! ;-)