Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My life has been filled with a series of  "foreshadowing".  I would even go so far as to say, all of our lives are filled with events that will predict future events in our lives - only we don't always listen.

FIRST:  My first concert I remember.  John Denver.  Okay, truly, I think it was Donny and Marie Osmond, but I went with my mom. (really, I can't tell someone my first concert memory was Donnie & Marie!)  My Aunt took me to see John Denver.  She let me sit on her lap and drive down the freeway on the way home.  I couldn't have been more than 8.  John Denver, freedom and getting to do something that was fun with someone whom loved you.

Ok, if I look back - I might have been 10.  John Denver spoke about their being no snow in the mountains that year.  His daughters were complaining.  I remember it clear as the sky today.

A cousin of mine moved to Denver.  Denver?  Where is that?  

I was in maybe 9th or 10th grade and I was making some brownies.  I think it was the first time I had ever made something from a box - not scratch.  On the side of the box with the instructions:  "If you live above 3500 feet, add less flour and more water (their directions were a bit more specific)".  My first thought:  "Who the hell would live on the 36th floor of a building???" (each floor represents 1000 feet above sea level")

In 10th grade, there was a girl whom moved to my high school from Boulder, CO.  The only thing I knew about Boulder?  Wasn't Mork from Mork and Mindy living in Boulder?  Wasn't it cold there??? (and I still smile when I think that)

THEN, the biggest foreshadowing event of them all.  Landon.  Landon moved to Denver.  My mom babysit Landon and I was in love with Landon from my very first thought in life.  Of course, Landon was 8 years older than me.  He grew up and got married and moved to Denver.  Of course he did.  Where else would he move????

It's no surprise to me that I ended up in Denver.  One night sitting at Landon's kitchen table we laughed on the fact that we both ended up in Denver.  Can you believe we both live in Denver??

Landon replies:  Would we have ended up anywhere else???

He's back in Texas now.  He spent his 20 years here.  So have I.


  1. I'm so thrilled you remember our John Denver concert! But, you weren't supposed to tell anyone I let you drive!!!

    Love you!
    Aunt NeeNee

  2. I figured you were safe - it's been over 30 years! ;-)